5th Birthday Gifts

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Animal Art Cushion
Rs. 549 | $ 8.45
Chocó Delight Combo
Rs. 2049 | $ 31.52
Cute Purple Dinosaur
Rs. 599 | $ 9.22
Gift Colourful Ball
Rs. 599 | $ 9.22
Joyful Kids Combo
Rs. 1399 | $ 21.52
Pink Teddy Pillow
Rs. 749 | $ 11.52
Sky Blue Bunny
Rs. 649 | $ 9.98
Baby Doll Cake
Rs. 2499 | $ 38.45
Fresh Fruit Cake 1kg.
Rs. 1249 | $ 19.22
Noahs Arch Cake
Rs. 2849 | $ 43.83
Swimming Pool Magic
Rs. 1999 | $ 30.75
Basket On Move
Rs. 699 | $ 10.75
Sweet Package
Rs. 899 | $ 13.83
Teddy Basket
Rs. 849 | $ 13.06
Yummy Delight
Rs. 2999 | $ 46.14
Celebrate your Kid’s Fifth Birthday with our 5th Birthday Gift Ideas

Do you need birthday gifts for your soon-to-be 5-year-old son or daughter? Primo Gifts India has come up with a galore of gifts for 5th birthday. Our collection of gifts for 5th birthday is brimming with lots of goodies perfect for both baby boy and baby girl stepping in their fifth birthday.

For girls there are dolls, Barbie Doll cakes, kitchen sets, Dolly School Bags, chocolates and more. While our 5th birthday gift ideas for boys include football-shaped cakes, Bugs Bunny soft toy, colorful kit combo, cute Pikachu, colouring sets, crayons, and many more.

The 5th birthday gifts for boys/girls section is so diverse that you’ll find something special for your kiddo no matter what their tastes are. And, for a kid who loves nothing more than chocolates, then our catalog includes a diverse range of chocolates from known brands like Cadbury, KitKat, DairyMilk, 5 Star, Perk, Ferrero Rocher, Lindt, along with homemade candies and bars. What’s more? Our range of gifts includes toys and games too by which your kiddo will start learning things fast. There are educational toys to increase their memory and perk up their reasoning level.

So, choose whatever you need out of our gifts for 5th birthday catalog to celebrate your kid’s special day in a memorable way.