1st Birthday Gifts

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Baby Doll Cake
Rs. 2499 | $ 38.45
Celebration Cake 1kg
Rs. 1299 | $ 19.98
Gitar Shape Cake
Rs. 4449 | $ 68.45
Kiddo Land
Rs. 2849 | $ 43.83
Kit Kat Cake 1kg
Rs. 1349 | $ 20.75
Mouse In The Bed
Rs. 1999 | $ 30.75
Noahs Arch Cake
Rs. 2849 | $ 43.83
Flower N Cake Bonanza
Rs. 1099 | $ 16.91
True Love
Rs. 1249 | $ 19.22

Get Something Special for your Baby Ringing in its First Birthday!
Finding 1st birthday gifts for a baby can often be a difficult task to deal with, especially when they are unaware of materialistic things. If you find yourself in great confusion, take a look through our collection of gorgeous 1 birthday gift ideas for babies and you’ll be sure to get something that both the parents and the baby will cherish.
If you’re looking for a unique keepsake that your recipient can treasure for years to come, look no further than our engraved gifts for babies. If you need something more functional for babies in their first year, choose from our endearing collection of soft toys. From mighty Popeye to adorable panda elephant, beautiful bobby, big ears doggy chair, Bob the builder, bugs bunny, and cute Pikachu, there are all types of soft toys for babies to play with.
On the other hand, if you are out for something more meaningful, choose from our baby’s nursery gifts. Our selection of 1st birthday gifts for babies includes personalised baby name frames which you can stud with your baby’s picture.
Whether you choose one or another gift from our collection of 1st birthday gifts, you’ll be sure to have something meaningful yet functional for the little champ.