Navgrah swastika

As we know each name and each sign gives result in our life, according to astrology our signs, names and date of birth and time and place makes your future and our life. Each planet gives effect in life in every sector. Our job, business, bright or dark future, our love life, married life, money position everything decided by our planets. Same like our names and sign our home names and company names gives result and effects.This is navgrah swastika which you can stick in main door of office or home, daily do wohip for it also put sindur and pray. this yantra will protect your house from all nine planets and malefic effects same as your gem or stone protects body. It is best solution to protect your office or home from malefic effects. This yantra gives bless of all nine planets, peace in home, money and growth, success, happiness and peace in lifeWeight: 50 gm Size: 6x6x6

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