Shree Dhanda Yantra

Dhanda yantra is very effective for eradicating poverty. It is used by business peons. By wohipping of this yantra the inflow of money increases. It is considered highly auspicious for enhancing Saving potential. It should be placed in place of wohip and locker where cash is kept. The right time to wohip this yantra is night of Deepawali and Navratri.This is a Sadhana which is practiced to please the Dhanda Yakshini and gain Wealth from her. A Yakshini is a feminine form of an omnipresent being that performs specific tasks and is said to have immense powe. They are said to be guardians of wealth and other objects of desire according to the Hindu religion. Weight: 8 gm Size: 3 x 3 Inches

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