Shri Ganpati Yantra  

Ganpati Yantra drawing good luck and success in all undertakings while dispelling obstacles. Blesses the wohipper with fulfillment of desires, affluence and authority. Ganesh Chaturthi is thebest day for wohip and installation of Ganpati Yantra. The one who do upasana and pooja of Ganpati Yantra is blessed with success in his work, business, undertaking & desires. The Beej Mantra is recited for purifying the Yantra. Benefits of Ganpati Yantra is one of the names of the Lord Ganesh who is alaso the deity of the Yantra with the same name. Bearing Shri Ganpati Yantra helps a peon in attaining success in any and every work, he engages him self in. Those who wohip Shri Ganpati Yantra with complete belief and true devotion are conferred with inviolability, accomplishment affluence, and treasures. Lord Ganesh is believed to be extremely lively and kind hearted. Success of a new project or in a new job is ensured by wohipping Lord Ganesh Praye and offerings are also made to ask for continuity in success of an existing and running project or jobWeight: 8 gm Size: 3 x 3 Inches

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