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Because Each Rose Number Says Something Special

Different colours of roses signify different meanings. Even the number of roses you give to a loved one has some hidden meanings. Considering this hidden meaning in number of flowers, we have come up with a mind-blowing assortment of valentine roses with numbers. Here each number is s personification of special meaning.

•    Single Rose-: Simplicity, You’re the only one
•    3 roses-: love you
•    11 roses: I am the missing stem to make the perfect dozen
•    12 roses: With all my heart
•    13 roses: You are my secret love
•    22 roses: Togetherness, Unity
•    36 roses: My heart belongs to you
•    99 roses: Greatest love you’ll ever know
•    101 roses: Speechless love
•    108 roses: Please marry me
•    999 roses: Endless love

We also feature roses meaning by their color….

•    Red: Passionate Love
•    Light Pink: Admiration, Appreciation
•    Yellow: I am sorry, I care
•    White : Purity, Spiritual Love, Friendship
•    Orange: Friendship, Ardent Love
•    Dark Pink: Gratitude, Appreciation

As this day comes once in a year, wait no longer to express what you feel by choosing a special number and special colour of roses!