Half Kg Cakes

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Not every time you need 1 kg or above weight cake as a delicious surprise. We understand your requirement that’s why we have added in our range half Kg cakes too.

Half kg Royal Crunch Cake
Rs. 999 | $ 15.37
Half kg Butter Scotch Cake
Rs. 849 | $ 13.06
Half N Half Cake
Rs. 1399 | $ 21.52
Half kg Tiramisu Cake
Rs. 949 | $ 14.6
Half kg Belgian Choco Cake
Rs. 1449 | $ 22.29
Fresh Fruit Cake For Mumbai
Rs. 749 | $ 11.52
Mango Cake For Mumbai
Rs. 749 | $ 11.52
Half kg Black Forest Cake
Rs. 899 | $ 13.83
Black Forest Cake 500gm
Rs. 749 | $ 11.52
Half kg Rich Truffle Cake
Rs. 849 | $ 13.06
Butterscotch Cake 500gm
Rs. 749 | $ 11.52
Half kg Strawberry Cake
Rs. 849 | $ 13.06
Chocolate Cake 500gm
Rs. 749 | $ 11.52
Order Half Kg Cake Online from the Comfort of your Home!

We help you buy half kg cake online in variety normal or eggless. There are some exotic, decadent and exclusive cakes that could be baked only in 1kg or above, but who says beauty doesn’t come in small size? We deliver delicious and beautiful cakes in half kg too which you can send anywhere in India.

Our half kg cakes are available in eggless and normal cakes category which you can avail in different shapes and flavors.

In our send half kg cake online catalog, by default we are displaying you minimum possible price tag. That simply means if a sweet treat could be made in 1/2 kg then on our page you’ll see price of half kg. Besides half kg cakes we also deliver 1 kg, 2kg and even three kg cakes based on preferences, choices and budget.

Furthermore, we offer choice to choose from special weights of cake. When you find a cake, there you would explore various weights in which a sweet treat is available. There you can select whether you desire to buy half kg cake, one kg cake, two kg cake or more. If you want your cakes to be personalised then contact our customer support for further information.

Under our send half kg cake online we also provide you with the facility to pick a specific delivery date and time. So you can go ahead & buy half kg cake online for delivery in or around India.