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12 Girlie Special Cupcakes
Rs. 1899 | $ 29.22
Baby Doll Cake
Rs. 2499 | $ 38.45
Bakra Cake
Rs. 1299 | $ 19.98
Celebration Cake 1kg
Rs. 1299 | $ 19.98
Football Shape Cake
Rs. 3399 | $ 52.29
Gitar Shape Cake
Rs. 4449 | $ 68.45
Kiddo Land
Rs. 2849 | $ 43.83
Kit Kat Cake 1kg
Rs. 1349 | $ 20.75
Mouse In The Bed
Rs. 1999 | $ 30.75
Noahs Arch Cake
Rs. 2849 | $ 43.83
Spiderman Shape Cake
Rs. 3749 | $ 57.68
Swimming Pool Magic
Rs. 1999 | $ 30.75
Pleasant Puma Bat Cake 2kg
Rs. 2299 | $ 35.37
Animal Baby Shower Cake 4kg
Rs. 5999 | $ 92.29
Simba Picture Cake 2kg
Rs. 3499 | $ 53.83
Train Engine Cake 3kg
Rs. 4999 | $ 76.91
Sexy LV Bag Cake
Rs. 4499 | $ 69.22

Because We Know What Kids Want!
No birthday party would be complete with no cake! And, if it’s a kiddo’s birthday how anyone can dare to forget bringing a cake studded with candles? Come to our online gifting portal and explore a whole new range of Kids cakes online!
Kids need nothing on their birthday but a cake for sure to cut it and distribute among family and friends. Every child fantasizes of cutting a cake of their choice, that’s why we have got every type of cakes in our birthday cakes for kids category! We offer birthday cakes and cupcakes in every color of the rainbow, the more vibrant they appear, more excited the kid will be.
Even we help you customize a birthday cake for boys and girls of all ages, to make the celebration even more special.
Our children’s cakes always go down a treat at kids’ birthday celebrations, but there are also a group of grown-ups who crave for the yummy, young at heart novelty cakes from Primo Gifts India.
So, no matter whether it's a 1st, 2nd or 3rd birthday celebration or even older, order a selection of novelty cakes online from us!
For birthday girls, we have in our selection Barbie Doll cakes, Mini Mouse Cakes, Princess Cakes and more while the cakes for boys feature their favorite characters like Mickey Mouse, Doraemon, Spiderman, Football Cake, Golf Cake, Guitar-shaped Cake, Swimming Pool Cake, Bat Cake, Photo Cake, and more.
Browse our assortment of mouthwatering birthday cakes, or try your hand at customizing your very own birthday cupcakes right at Primo Gifts India. Blow out the candles and slice into one of our finest birthday cakes to memorize the celebration!