Pineapple Cakes

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1kg Pineapple Cake Eggless
Rs. 1399 | $ 21.52
Exotic Pineapple Cake 1kg.
Rs. 1199 | $ 18.45
Pineapple Cake
Rs. 1099 | $ 16.91
Pineapple Cake
Rs. 1449 | $ 22.29
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Rs. 1599 | $ 24.6
Special Pineapple Cake 1kg
Rs. 1149 | $ 17.68
1kg Photo Cake Pineapple
Rs. 1399 | $ 21.52
1kg Pineapple Photo Cake
Rs. 1399 | $ 21.52
2kg Photo Cake Pineapple
Rs. 2399 | $ 36.91
2kg Pineapple Cake
Rs. 2399 | $ 36.91
Pineapple Cake 500gm
Rs. 749 | $ 11.52
Pineapple Cake-EL
Rs. 1099 | $ 16.91
Choose From Innumerable Range of Pineapple Cakes!
Pineapple cakes, though old-fashioned, are the most preferred choices when it comes to sweet treats for special occasions like birthday, social reunion or family gathering. Our online pineapple cakes make perfect gifts for any celebration coming in your life. After a heavy delicious meal, even you can taste a bite of this flavorful cake to satiate your craving!
In our pineapple cake recipes, you’ll find that they are prepared with fresh chunks of pineapple so that you could enjoy an exquisite taste each time you gulp down a bite. Our pineapple cakes feature soft, creamy spongy texture that melts down in mouth in no time. The cakes available in our store can be availed in different shapes like heart, round, square, rectangle, oval along with some novelty shapes. No matter if it’s Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary, or any other occasion; pineapple is the most preferred flavor to relish the occasion with.
Similarly, if it is just a social gathering or a lazy Sunday noon, ordering a pineapple cake is what will add zing to the day! Check our delicious range of pineapple cakes online and order today for midnight or same day delivery.