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Ficus Microcarpa Plant
Rs. 1249 | $ 19.22
Carmona Single Head
Rs. 1549 | $ 23.83
Bonsai Podocarpus Plant
Rs. 3899 | $ 59.98
Poinsettia poinsettia
Rs. 749 | $ 11.52
3 layers Pink Lucky bamboo
Rs. 749 | $ 11.52
Ficus Microcarpa 100gm
Rs. 1049 | $ 16.14
Ficus Microcarpa 200gm
Rs. 1249 | $ 19.22
Ficus Microcarpa 300gm
Rs. 1499 | $ 23.06
Ficus Microcarpa 400gm
Rs. 1799 | $ 27.68
Ficus Microcarpa 500gm
Rs. 2049 | $ 31.52
Ficus Microcarpa 1000gm
Rs. 2899 | $ 44.6
Rs. 1099 | $ 16.91
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With natural growth, simple beauty and easy care nature, lucky plants online are a great choice for both home décor and gifting purposes. Whether straight or artistically twists, waves and hearts, the stems of the lucky plants especially bamboo gives special messages unlike anything other. The heart-shaped lucky plant is perfect for couples while the layered bamboo plant is perfect for anyone to bring good luck in life.
Widely known as lucky plants, the bamboo plants of Primo Gifts India are perfect for any occasion or simply home beautification. Our lucky plants for office and business or home require little care as they are able to grow even in less perfect conditions.
Our range of lucky plants online includes Dracaena (in lotus form), Dracaena ( Mahatma), Verigated Song of India, Pink Anthuraiam Plant, Carmona Single Head, Ficus Microcarpa Plant, Bonsai Podocarpus Plant, Adenium obesum Plant, Red Poinsettia, Poinsettia poinsettia, Gerbera plant, 3 layers Pink Lucky bamboo, Ficus Microcarpa 200gm, Croton Plant, Xanadu Philodendron, Spider Plant Newplant28, Lemongrass Plant, and many more. Choose whatever falls within your budget and in the range of your taste as we include a truly endless range of lucky plants.