School Bags for Kids

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Barbie School Bag
Rs. 1135 | $ 17.46
Ben 10 School Bag
Rs. 1135 | $ 17.46
Barbie Bag
Rs. 365 | $ 5.62
King Blue Bag
Rs. 795 | $ 12.23
Princess Bag
Rs. 795 | $ 12.23
Princess Pink Bag
Rs. 795 | $ 12.23
Buy Unique yet Sturdy School Bags for Kids at Affordable Price!
Shop online for school bags of all types! With changing times kids have become fashionable too. Now they don’t want to carry those simple school bags but the ones studded with their favorite cartoons! At present when fashion and style have become an essential part of life, why not get unique school bags for kids?
Young children love to carry funny cartoon bags while the older kids want action figures imprinted on them. So, to cater to their demands buy school bag online at primogiftsindia to pamper your kids with different colored, stunning school bags. Our kids bag collection features latest assortment of different brands.
Primo Gifts India features Ben10, Kitty, Spiderman, superman, and even Garfield on school bags and there are thousands of colors, designs and patterns to choose from.
Other than school bags for kids we have backpacks and other bags too for kids which they can carry easily to their school. They are not just easy to carry but lightweight and designer too. Furthermore, there are different shelves or compartments in them to keep stationery items, books and copies separately. For girls our catalog of school bags for kids feature Barbie and Disney bags. Apart from that floral bags and fruity bags are also there to mark your daughter’s personality. They come in pastel shades and look quite feminine.

Since Primo Gifts India deals with branded and quality products only, all of them feature excellent quality materials and are durable as well.
For boys, our buy school bag online catalog features Angry Birds, superman designs, Ben 10, and many more. We know it best that children of different age groups have different tastes and hence we have included a wide range of kids bags to cater to their needs. So, shop online for designer, elegant, sturdy and affordable school bags for kids right from Primo Gifts India!