Grah Pida Nivarak Shani Yantra 

Saturn or Shani Bhagawan has always been looked at with awe, inspiration and fear. He is the KARMAKARAKA, one who bestows on us the fruits of our previous birth karmas. Shani Yantra is for the appeasement of the planet Saturn.It is used to propitiate an afflicted Shani and achieve Rajayoga through complete blessings of Shani. When Saturn is malefic in a horoscope, in transit or causes Sadesathi (ELARATA SHANI (known as SADE SAATHI in North India - the seven and a half evil year cycle of Saturn) the use of Shani Yantra is very beneficial. It is very useful when one feels depressed. It reduces the evils such as bankruptcy, litigation, penury, injustice, obstacles, delays and dangerous ailments. Weight: 8 gm Size: 3.5X3.5X0.2

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