Parad Lakshmi Ganesh

Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, beauty, prosperity, strength and wisdom, is the wife of Lord Vishnu—protector of the world. Her four hands signify purushartha (the goals of human existence)—dharma (righteousness), kama (wordly desires), artha (wealth and prosperity) and moksha (liberation). Ganesh is revered as the supreme God who removes all obstacles and ensures success in all endeavours. He is worshipped before starting any new venture. Lakshmi and Ganesh are worshipped together daily for overall prosperity and removal of financial difficulties. The idols of Lakshmi and Ganesh made in parad (mercury mixed with silver) give utmost results because of the spiritual importance of parad.Weight: 210 gm Size: 1.5*2.5 Inch

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