Sampoorna Bagulamukhi Yantra 

Sampoorna Baglamukhi is one of the ten great wisdom goddesses—the ten aspects of the all-powerful Ma Durga. The name Baglamukhi means the one whose face has the power to stun the enemy and render him speechless. She represents the hypnotic power of Goddess Durga. Ma Sampoorna Baglamukhi Yantra is considered to bring relief from enemies, evil spirits and superficial obstacles. It is believed that Ma Sampoorna Baglamukhi Yantra resides in this yantra. Therefore, wohipping the yantra gives instant results. A peon who holds the yantra gets success in legal matte. It is believed that its devotee can get relief from the cycle of life and death, or salvation.Weight: 40 gm Size: 6x6

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