Varun yantra

What are Vastu defects? While constructing a house, due to ignorance of the rules of vastu, many flaws and defects remain in the constructed structure. Due to such defects negative and harmfull energy ente the premises and the owner or the resident of the house has to face a number of financial, social, political problems. He may have to face serious problems that of life and death. Thus, to avoid such problems,our ancesto have taught us to utilize the natural elements like sunlight, wind direction and magnetic field of Earth. Proper knowledge directions and properties of these elements should be combined together to construct a proper house. Varun Yantra : Varun Yantra rectifies all the defects related to water. If source of water, water connection, under ground watertank are situated in south east corner, then by installing Varun Yantra on that place, this defect could be rectified.Weight: 10 gm Size: 3 x 3 Inches

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