Shree Mangal Yantra  

Ma (Mangal) is the commander-in-chief of the assembly of Gods and known for courage, order, bravery, sense of purpose and duty, discipline, patience and self-confidence. Shri Mangal Yantra is for the appeasement of Ma and wohip of Lord Hanuman. This yantra is wohipped on Tuesdays by observing fast for 21 consecutive Tuesdays. People deprived of marriage and those facing marital discord should wohip Mangal Yantra. Influence of Ma can make people argumentative, short-tempered, cruel, restless, violent and unsteady. It is, therefore, necessary to wohip this yantra. It relieves people from poverty, diseases, lack of child and debt. Weight: 8 gm Size: 3X3X1

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